Our Mission:

Our mission is short and simple. Rescue, Rehab, and Rehome. Some of our rescue animals are old and/or untrainable (trauma, injuries, etc.), and can not be permanently rehomed. These animals will stay with us for their lifetime.


One of our goals is to expand our operation. We don’t really know what our capacity is at this point on 5 acres. To us, it feels we’ve met our limit and would love more room for more rescues. We are really hoping to move to a property with a large barn to house additional rescue horses, an indoor training area, a living quarter (helper/nurse), wash station for animals, bathroom, with its own well and septic, outdoor paddocks with shelters, and grazing areas. We strive to provide the best care for our animals and hope to continue doing so.

About Us:

Laurie and Trey purchased this property in 2016 to start a small farm and bring home their personal horses they had been boarding for several years. About a year after moving they started taking in rescues. Since then they have taken in and adopted out over 20 animals. A handful of these are still here and will spend the rest of their lives here as they are not suitable for rehoming. Here at Lily’s Ranch & Rescue, we provide veterinary care, farrier services, hay, and special feed for all animals.