Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to taking in a rescue. Sometimes they come to you in a way that you can’t refuse, like when they are left tied to your fence post, left with a note. Sometimes, there is no note. Often, you know the animals name, many times, you get the joy of naming them. Sometimes, you get a call from another rescue that doesn’t have room. Sometimes you get a call from a distraught owner, who just can’t provide anymore. Sometimes you get a call from a medical facility, begging you to claim an animal that needs extensive medical treatment. Sometimes you have a friend who has found an animal that needs someplace to call home.

All of these situations lead to the decisions that wrack the brains of the rescue. Do I have room? Will they be a good fit? Can I help them? Do I have enough to feed them? Can I make this happen? Can I afford this? So many questions whirling around. Questions that don’t always have the answers you would want to hear. Almost always the response to these questions are almost always in the affirmative. I will make it work. I will offer help. I will find a way. I will make the money stretch.

There are so many different ups and downs in this pursuit. So many wonderful success stories. So many heartbreaking situations. So many animals. This is why we do what we do. The animals are the reason. So tomorrow morning, we will wake up and do it all again. We may face the decisions of the day. Do we take in another life? How are we going to make this work today? How are we going to afford this today? But, when all these questions whirl around in your head, you look into those eyes, and see the love and gratefulness there. That makes the difference. That is why we go on for another day.

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