Meet Melon :)

Melon came to us the way that most do around here, in pure chaos.

A passerby saw Melon with her herd. —-

The passerby called Boulder Animal Control.

Boulder Animal Control called CSU.

CSU called a local vet.

That vet called us.

Then CSU called us.

See, I told you, quick and easy, just like life! Ha!

Melon is an adorable Alpaca who is 7 months old.

Melon was suffering from an exposed tibia due to a neglected injury.

Her leg needed to be amputated 3 inches above the infection.

We drove her up to CSU. They had agreed to perform the surgery for a discounted rate.

Then Melon came to home at the Ranch to recover.

5 days after coming to the Ranch she crawled out of her pen to be with the other Alpacas who are here.

This escape caused internal injuries, so we rushed her back up to CSU

She was there for a month with round the clock care.

They finally gave us the go to bring her home a month ago.

Now she has joined our other Alpacas.

She is happy and healthy and living the dream!

Just another saga here at Lily’s Ranch!

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