Found Homes/Family

Lily“…. a mini mule jennet, who first came to us in June of 2018. She was only 4 months old when we found her at a kill lot scheduled to be slaughtered for meat. We did a fast fundraiser and rescued her just in time! Lily was the first animal we rescued and her life with us and story is how the name “Lily’s Ranch and Rescue” came to be the name of our organization. She was a real “Spitfire” and a real special lady we will always remember. We found her a forever special home in May of 2020 to a wonderful family who has a mini mule named Junior. They are inseparable. We will always be so grateful we were a part of her happiness, love, and new life. With all our love Lily!

Junebug”….. she was bought to us by another rescue organization that didn’t have a place for her. She was a 4 month old filly placed with her forever family home in April 2019.

This is “Winston”, he was the most kind, soft, acrobatic, playful, smart, patient and loving Standard Poodle ever rescued by his best friend, Steven, our Board Member. He provided 16 years of un-conditional love like our Father in Heaven until he pasted away in June of 2020. He was, and always will be, why we do all that we do for all our rescues given to us. Rest in Peace Winston, I will always miss you and thank you for teaching me how to love animals.

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